Things one should do to boost the creativity of a child – NHAF.

1) Appreciate the paintings done by a child : The fear of rejections can lead to suppressed emotions in a child. Each child is a born artist and has a thinking of their own. Creation comes out beautifully when they draw with full freedom of expressions. Make use of positive sentences and suggesting not enforcing them the changes will always help them grow in their confidence level. So, Encourage them always .

2) Make the art sessions interesting: Any art session planned should be designed in much exciting and creative way to give good creative challenges to satisfy Childs creative brains. Simple copying and colouring activity can be highly boring .

3) Give different materials to use every time: Providing them with different choices of safe materials in colors and papers will boost their creativity and take their imagination to the optimum level.

4) Emphasise creativity over drawing: Drawing Sessions should be planned aiming to enhance creative thinking and skills of a child along with introduction of various techniques. This will give them immense satisfaction in whatever they draw.

5) Introduce them to outdoor drawing : ‘An Artist is born in nature’. Take children in outdoors and show them nature .Give them vision to create their own reality.

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