'Art should be introduced & practiced freely without any boundaries amongst all children.' 

Children art world should fully supports and nurtures the overall artistic growth of a child. Our vision, ‘Art without Boundaries’, which lays more importance to the overall creativity of the child along with introducing them to  various sets of creative art techniques and applications. We hereby fully deny the use of banal/plagiaristic practices used in teaching art to all the children. 


Our founder, Niki Hingad, has carefully and passionately constructed the pillars of this foundation to ensure that a child follows their imagination, and is encouraged to 'colour outside the line'. Setting all boundaries free, following a mantra,' Art Beyond Boundaries', which means now, every child will remain an artist even when they grow OLD.


NHAF Art Activities

All our art activities are specially planned to introduce unique art concepts to all children. Their first journey towards their artistic self towards.We organise workshops for Watercolour, Charcoal, Acrylic, Installations... As well as nature workshops.

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NHAF Social Activities

Our services towards a better world. 


NHAF National Events

To promote art amongst all school children.