Niki Hingad Art Foundation

NHAF desires to spread the true knowledge of art which fully supports and nurtures the overall artistic growth of a child. We’re happy to state that, with our vision, ‘Art with no Boundaries’,  made a huge difference in perceiving children art education. 


NHAF motto: Art with no Boundaries, giving importance to overall creativity of the child by introducing them limitless  creative thinking art techniques and it’s applications. NHAF gives importance to introduction of art in open natural environment .NHAF's Artistic nature camps/annual events, so far has enriched thousands of student from all over India . We also conduct regular art activities for all children NGO's and hospitals.

NHAF Art Activities

Child's first artistic journey. NHAF organise round the year art workshops in various art technique like Watercolour, Charcoal, Acrylic, Installations, nature workshops.

NHAF Social Activities

Our services towards a better world. 

NHAF National Events

To promote art amongst all school children.